SMB Advocacy

Digitally empowered small businesses drive economic success locally, nationally, and globally. Our client wanted to give those businesses a seat at the table with policymakers to ensure their voices were heard. RXN integrated strategy, research, content, and stakeholder mobilization services to support multiple policy battles at state, federal, and global levels.

Target: State + Federal + Global Policy Leaders

Challenge: SMBs were being left out of major policy debates impacting the digital economy. The debates focused only on large platforms and ignored the small businesses built on top of or with the platforms’ support. 

Solution: RXN worked with the client to develop and execute small business identification, education, and mobilization strategies. Utilizing RXN’s advocacy platform of experts, thought leadership, and community, we amplified the voices of the organization and the SMBs it serves in federal, state, and international policy battles. Our work included:

  • development of multiple industry reports and a robust research program; 
  • a program to recruit, educate, and train SMB advocates; 
  • development of a digital community and a newsroom to support it;
  • placement of over 100 op-eds, hundreds of media hits, and commentary from expert surrogates;
  • extending the organization's ability to engage in multiple policy battles simultaneously 

RXN also worked with the organization’s leadership to develop new programming and secure new funding.

Result: Our work created a sustainable and agile organization capable of rapidly deploying educated and trained advocates and experts into important policy debates, fulfilling its mission of giving SMBs a powerful voice.

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