Intelligence, experience, and ideas to win your most important battles

What Our Clients Say
RXN is the rare firm that sees both the forest and the trees. They uncover compelling insights, translate data into simple, effective narratives, and identify experts who authentically agree with our perspective to influence policy processes and public discussion that matter most.

– Public Policy Leader, top global technology firm
"RXN helped us capture valuable insights from key stakeholders, land more than 100 op-eds, and fundamentally change the public debate about high-profile issues debates on two continents."

– Executive Director, DC-based association
Our business is complex and bad legislation was moving quickly in several states. RXN quickly became trusted firefighters as they simultaneously learned our business and the politics, identified great lobbying and public affairs talent in several states, triaged our responses, built alliances, wrote testimony, and placed op-eds. They were extraordinary partners when we needed them most.

– General Counsel, Leading global B2B software provider
What We Deliver
Research & Analysis

RXN Group conducts actionable qualitative and quantitative research on complex issues. We ask the right questions, engage the right experts, and know how to convert the results into compelling messaging and media moments. 
Thought Leadership

RXN Group channels authors’ distinctive stories and voices and places opinion pieces and earned media stories with publications worldwide to influence policymakers and policy outcomes.
Public Affairs & Policy

RXN Group has engaged in offensive and defensive policy battles in more than 50 markets globally. We develop winning strategies, engage the best lobbyists, build the right coalitions, and craft messaging to optimize clients’ positioning and success.

Our Practice Areas

Strategic Communications, Government Relations, and Communities
RXN Public Affairs empowers clients to own the narrative through multifaceted education and reputation campaigns. We are deeply substantive and intensely political, with a global network of advocates and partners that can be deployed and scaled rapidly.
Strategic Research
RXN Research empowers clients to effectively address threats and capture growth opportunities by discovering insights through research, infusing context via independent experts, and mobilizing insights to key stakeholders. We convene stakeholders, share intelligence, facilitate conversations, and drive media moments to influence the debate. 
Executive Advisory and Growth Strategies
RXN Enterprise empowers leaders to see around corners, address competitive threats, and capture new opportunities with strategic advisory services focused on managing risk, driving growth, and sparking innovation.
Innovation and Ideas
RXN Ideas empowers clients with novel solutions to complex problems and partnerships with academics, influencers, and aligned industry stakeholders. We empower expertise to deliver new insights that can be packaged into valuable assets.